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Share Scheme

Discover how you can accelerate your savings with Koperasi NUCW Special Saving Scheme to achieve your long-term financial goals. Members, non-members or foreign investors, now you all can.
We Encourage You to Save More!

Keep your savings money or piggy bank cash piles with Special Savings Scheme. Koperasi Pekerja offers the ultimate trust, security and convenience in doing savings accounts.
High Dividend
Enjoy dividend up to 7% annually.
Safer Investment
We prioritise a safer investment for your savings.
Lucky Draws
Stand a chance to win up to RM73,000 worth of lucky draw prizes
How Does It Work?
Sign up for Special Saving Scheme
Open a Koperasi Pekerja Special Saving Scheme with minimum deposit of RM1,000. Then, you need to maintain your average available balance in your Koperasi NUCW Special Saving Scheme during specific draw period.
Quaterly Lucky Draws
For this category, an average available balance of RM1,000 is required to be maintained and the cut off date for members to be entitled to participate are on these dates – 30th April, 31st August & 31st December
Annual Lucky Draws
For this category, an average available balance of RM3,000.00 is required to be maintained and the cut-off date for participation is for members who have invested under this scheme by 31st August
The higher the number of savings, the higher the chances for you to win in that particular category (quarterly and yearly).

Members need to take not on Lucky Draw gifts that are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-redeemable for cash. Winners will be announced on Koperasi NUCW’s website.

Special Saving Scheme Is Made For You!

Why spend when you can save more? Start your savings with this scheme from Koperasi Pekerja and enjoy up to 7% dividend annually! Are you ready to save more?
Shares Programme
  • Be a shareholder of Koperasi NUCW Berhad by purchasing one (1) unit of share valued at RM500.00.
  • For members holding 12 units and above. (7%, compounding, bonus shares)
  • Offers flexibility to members to increase their shares as per their financial standing.
  • Offers a safe and convenient way to members to save for their future retirement/other plans.
  • Cultivate the habit of thrift among members.
  • Other benefits such as P.A Insurance, Hospitalization, Express loan, Festive loan, Funeral expenses, etc.

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