Our History

Koperasi NUCW Berhad was founded on the 28th of December 2004, as per provision under section 7(1) of the Co-operative Societies Act 1993 with limited liability. Koperasi NUCW Berhad is accessible by members throughout Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia).

Its membership is open to all employees engaged in the commercial and industrial sectors, employees in the public sector and employees of statutory bodies and government linked companies (GLCs).

As a credit co-operative society, the primary objective behind the founding of Koperasi NUCW Berhad is the socio-economic advancement of its members through diversification of resources. It aims to assist its members to reduce the cost of living, improve their economic position and lead a better live.

For Koperasi NUCW Berhad, our members would be at the heart of everything that we do and, everything that we do is guided by the following universal principles of co-operative:-

  • voluntary and open membership;
  • democratic member control – one member one vote;
  • member economic participation;
  • autonomy and independence;
  • promotion of education, training and information;
  • co-operation among co-operative societies; and concern for community
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